24inch Snake Hook

US$3.50 – US$ 16.50
Min. Order : 10 pieces


We ship worldwide –  Best 24inch piece of art Snake Hooks for Ball Python Snakes

Color: Blue

Size: 24 inch

Material: 100% Aluminum Alloy

Feature: Slim, Sleek Design, Durable Construction,  Space Efficient, Made with Aluminum Material. Light Weight and Strong Hook with  a textured rubber grip. The hook insert is made from a solid  aircraft grade aluminum rod . Pipe is made with aluminum material.

Usage: Perfect Snake Hook for any reptile keepers and ball python breeders

Origin: Pakistan

Delivery: Within 2-3 weeks ( Get Estimate Shipping charges by emailing us your preference )

Available in : 24 inch , 30 inch, 36 inch, 40 inch Sizes

Email us : Order size right for your reptile store, we make them all.

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