Reptile Feeding Tweezers

US$1.50 – US$ 8.50
Min. Order : 10 pieces


We ship worldwide our Reptile Feeding Tongs, Forceps & Tweezers

Color: Black

Size: 10 inch

Material: Stainless steel

Feature: Slim, Sleek Design, Durable Construction,  Space Efficient, and Heavy Duty Staleness steel  Material. Its 100% Rust free.

Usage: Ideal for Ball Python,Lizard, Dragon, Gecko, Bearded Snakes, Spider, Fish Feeding & Birds Perfect for any reptile breeders setup and ball python keepers or Amphibian set up. Use to Feed Reptile Snake Lizard with Insect Rodent Feedings Tongs Forceps are made of Stainless Steel

Origin: Pakistan

Delivery: Within 2-3 weeks ( Get Estimate Shipping charges by emailing us your preference )

Available in : 6 inch , 8 inch ,10 inch , 12 inch , 14 inch , 16 inch , 18 inch , 20 inch 24 inch Sizes

Email us to order size right for your reptile store, we make them all.

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