What is a Snake Hook

A snake hook is a tool use to safely handle and move snakes. They are used by snake handlers and herpetologists.

Composition of Snake Hook

These are typically made of Aluminum, Stainless Steel or strong metal that has a curved, hooked end on the other end i have soft grip for its handler. It can be used to grab the head of a snake without hurting it or to pick up the tail of the snake without getting bitten.

How to use a snake hook safely ?

If you are a non professional in snake handling . Make sure to apply following safety precautions

  • Use Reptile handling gloves
  • Select snake boots with knee-high design for your safety while handling venomous snakes
  • For the spiting cobras use face protective shields or safety glasses
  • Chose a long and adequate length of snake hook like 1 Meter or 40 inch to make a safe distance from venomous snakes
  • The basic skill is needed to relocate wild life snakes so don’t try to confront any snake without having its proper identification or knowledge.
  • The best substitute of snake hook is snake tongs or snake catching tongs these fulfill same purpose of snake handling safely

Types of Snake Hooks

There are many types of snake hooks like

  • Standard Hooks
  • Professional snake hooks
  • Custom made Specialty Hooks
  • Butterfly mini Viper Hooks
  • Collapsible Hooks
  • Double Hooks
  • Mini Hooks and Pinners
  • Narrow Hooks
  • V shape hooks

Picture credit : https://www.facebook.com/LivingZoology

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